Company profile

Suzhou Huali Environmental Protection Packaging Technology Company Ltd

   Suzhou Huali Environmental Protection Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2013. It locates in Tonggang Industrial Park, Meili Town, Changshu, Jiangsu Province. It is another strategic layouts of the OCT (Asia) in paper packaging industrial field. Its project investigation is 65 million dollars,while its register fund is 22 million dollars. The project of it covers around 67 thousand square meters. It aims to become a first line enterprise that combines plate printing, post-press processing, storage and delivery together meanwhile produces and sells products like international standard cartons, colorful recycled colorful carton buffer materials, paper furniture, etc. professionally. When it reaches the settled producing goal, the annual carton manufacture amount will be over 100 thousand tons, the number of its employees will be about 500. The sales amount will be about 500 million yuan.

    The first phase project of Suzhou Huali is now being built. In the future, facilities such as the five-layer high speeding corrugated paperboard manufacturing line with preprint paper, water based printing machines, and mold-cutting machines will be investigated. The project will keep on environmental protection spirit, and make innovations in different aspects including factory automatic, low energy expense, and low pollution discharge. It tries to become the most advanced, low-carbon paper packaging research and development base and model manufacture base in the East of China. Meanwhile, Suzhou Huali devotes itself into becoming the creativity research and development center of the OCT (Asia) in paper packaging printing field.